Upgrade Cubase Studio 4 to 8

Hi guys,

Yesterday, I bought the upgrade from Cubase 4 to Cubase 8, I didn’t know that there’d be any differences between Cubase 4 and Cubase Studio 4 and I bought the wrong upgrade.

Is there any way I can use the upgrade I just bought? Like, paying a fee that would allow me to Upgrade from Studio 4 to 4 or something like that?

There doesn’t seem to be any type of upgrade from Cubase Studio 4 :frowning:. Can anyone tell me how to get a refund if no upgrade is possible?

Thanks a lot in advance.


I’m sorry, there is no way. You always have to take care about the exact version, where you are upgrade from.

Please contact official Steinberg support.

Can’t Asknet Support help here? I believe I have seen other users that bought the wrong update and Asknet Support was contacted to refund the incorrect update and repurchase the correct one.

Thomsee, it is worth a try to contact Asknet Support.

Thanks Jaslan,

Been waiting for more than a week to get a reply from Steinberg (that I haven’t had yet). They only replied to one of my tweets, asked if I contacted the official Steinberg support and haven’t replied to my next post.
I’ve contacted the Official Steinberg support, both on MySteinberg and by email. About three or four times.

I’ll contact Asknet and see what they can do. I haven’t used the product, and it really pisses me off to know that I’ve lost 300€ (if that’s the case). Hopefully I’ll sort it out with those guys, but I’m really disappointed by Steinberg’s support team. I’ve been using Studio 4 for years, been happy with the product and been advising it to just about anyone with who I’d talk about production/audio editing.

I was just hoping it wouldn’t be such a fuss to get a refund and then buy the complete version. I’m not usually a fussy guy, but customers make mistakes as in any other shop and usually find a solution with the brand…

I don’t think you have lost the 300 (monetary units). Asknet should definitely be able to help you. Think of Asknet like any other store. If they sell you the wrong product, you have to work with them to get the refund. Steinberg doesn’t really have anything to do with it. I have seen plenty of cases in which people have bought the wrong upgrades and they have gotten it resolved through Asknet.

I know, there were already some refundations. Don’t worry. :wink:

Cheers guys, sorry for being a bit anxious about all this, I don’t always trust support services. But Steinberg just got back to me with a refund and I’m gonna buy the full version as soon as I get my money back.

I’ve had a go at the trial version of Cubase 8 and it really is amazing, they’ve now got all the tools one would look for to produce great stuff.


Just for my own education…
Was it actually Steinberg that got you the refund or was it Asknet?