Upgrade Cubase Studio 5 to Cubase 6

Does anyone have the link on how much is it to upgrade from Cubase Studio 5 to Cubase 6 and also Cubase 5 to 6? Can’t seem to get it anywhere on Steinberg’s website. Thanks.

$150 to upgrade C5 to C6. $200 to upgrade from the Studio version.

You can view the pricing when you click Buy Now from the Cubase online store.

Steinberg’s website is hopelessly slow, must the heavy traffic.
Can’t get it through the link you mentioned, maybe because I am access it in Australia.
Thanks anyway.

If you got your Cubase Studio 5 within the grace period (I think after december 1st 2010) the upgrade price will be even lower.

I will definitely go that route and get Cubase 6, the feature list looks great !

Thanks for the info, I got mine in June 2010, so would not qualify. Good luck on your upgrade.

Best $200 I’ll ever spend as a C5Studio owner. Finally it looks like I made a good decision with Cubase a couple of years ago. C6 I’m in. Yeah baby.