Upgrade Cubasis LE or buy V3?

I recently got a Yamaha synth that unlocks Cubasis LE so i can use it obj my ipad. I noticed there is an offer to upgrade to V3 for £29.
What is the benefit of this over buying V3 for £48? Obviously i know its cheaper, but whats missing from the cheaper version. Basically pay £28 for LE or £48 for non LE?

Thanks. Loads more questions to come but need to get the app up and running first.

Hi Davebass5,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis LE comes bundled with several hardware devices, which allows to unlock the app from demo mode, as it is the case with your Yamaha mixer.

The Full Feature Set in-app purchase available in the unlocked app version, updates Cubasis LE with the same features of the regular Cubasis app.

Important: The app icon and name will be unchanged after the in-app purchase update. The app launch screen says “Cubasis” and you will not encounter further feature limitations (as it is the case with the regular Cubasis LE versions).

Hope that helps to make your decision.


Hi Lars.
Thanks for clearing that up, that all makes sense.
Can I ask one more thing. How will updates work? Will i only get the updates when LE gets updated, or the full version?


Hi Dave,

As mentioned before, after purchasing the Full Feature Set in-app purchase, Cubasis LE will be updated with the features of Cubasis.

The app icon and name remains Cubasis LE. The launch screen of Cubasis LE changes to Cubasis, and you will not encounter previous feature limitations.

Normally, Cubasis 3 and Cubasis LE 3 are updated at the same time, same goes for the Full Feature Set IAP, which gets updated too, once new features or maintenance fixes are added.

Hope that helps.


Ah cool. Thanks for that. Good to know.

Any plans to support apple Smart Keyboard?

Hi Davebass5,

The feature request has been added, but we can’t give you an estimate for it as of now.