upgrade / data storage woes

Ok, so I took the leap and went to install cubase 10.5 after watching a video online of how to import the settings and low and behold I start the installation and halfway through it froze and wouldn’t complete the installation. Now when I go to run the installation again it has already eaten up a load of my hard drive space and will not complete due to space limitations of C: although I do not want to install it on c:. Is there any way to clean up all the space it leaves behind? E.G. Is there anyway to change the halion,groove agent to different directories as it seems to be placing the contents on my c drive thus making my c:\program data\steinberg\content reaches 11.5 gb which would be best to install on a different drive, move, uninstall? And how but keep my 9.5 installation as that seems to be the only one that has worked so far, Thanks for any help.