Upgrade Discount?

Not to be rude… is there a time of year when WL Upgrades are discounted? (from 10 to 11)? I see that for other SB products, but I didn’t know if WL did that as well.

PS: Is there a PDF version of the WL11 Features? The web page is nice, but it’s easier for me to read from paper.

Yes there is a discount automatically,

Sorry, I was not clear. I have not taken advantage of it, but I believe that SB does seasonal discounts for the -upgrade- to various products. IOW, the $99 ‘upgrade’ price is reduced to $50 (I don’t recall the amount.)

Is there a seasonal discount like that for WL Upgrades or is it permantly $99?

Oh. I wouldn’t be able to answer that, someone with the knowledge on the forum would assist you on that, I just answered because I knew there was a discount from the 10 to 11 ,