Upgrade Discounts

I hear about the grace period and special discount for those purchasing SL10, but what about us who already own SL10?? Is there going to be a discount for those who already own SL10 and want to pre-order SL11? I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on this upgrade! It seems to have overtaken just about every plugin and music software there is currently on the market! Well done, Steinberg (Spectralayers Division) Team!

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It seems the confusion about the grace period is getting bigger and bigger every day here. I have never seen so many discussions before a software launch in this forum. Sorry, there are several discussions here about this new release.

If you are an existing SL10 user and you activated SL10 before 15th May you will be able to upgrade to SL11 for the typical upgrade price. If you want even lower prices you need to wait for the next sales event. You can not pre-order the software, you need to wait until 19th June, when it is generally available.

If you have bought SL10 sometime ago, but did not activate it you can do that now and you get the grace period update automatically. The time when you bought the license does not count, the time of activation is what gets you the grace period. If you do not have a license at all and don’t want to wait you can buy SL10 now and activate it and you will also get the grace period upgrade to SL11.