Upgrade Dorico 3

I installed Dorico 3SE I liked the program and I upgraded to dorico Element3.
Inserted the code made Sicronizazione and Maintenance, Dorico element3 appears in my products,
In the eLicenser it appears Dorico SE and always opens dorico SE, I tried to uninstall everything
but it always gives me the same result, am I making a few mistakes? Thanks,
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This is a strange behavior. Dorico should always look for the “highest” license and open appropriately (you can open all the different versions from the same installation).
Where did you enter the license for Elements? Is it on a USB dongle or on the Soft ELicencer? Where was the license for SE installed?

Thanks for the answer, I tried to redo the installation of everything but nothing changes, I always find myself with
Dorico If, the license installs it automatically, I check it and it always has Dorico SE, I try to do the update but it only sees
Doric SE

The only thing that matters is getting the license code into eLicenser Control Center (whether on the Soft eLicenser or the USB eLicenser). You don’t need to “upgrade” Dorico 3 itself; there is only one Dorico 3 application. It runs as SE, Elements or Pro dependent on which license it finds.

Yes the program is always the same, however it continues to work as SE (It asks me to update it to Element)
Dorico 3 Element appears in my products … I don’t understand

do you use an usb licenser? if so, is it maybe an older one?

No Only with the Code, I wrote to the support.

Can you attach a screenshot of eLicenser Control Center? If you have the capability to do so easily, please blur out or otherwise obscure the eLicenser serial numbers in the left-hand list.

I can’t insert the images

Chose the “full editor & Preview” option right underneath your answer field, then click on attachmenets and press “Add files”. Chose a format like -png or .jpg


Page with purchase already done

There is no Dorico Elements License in your E-Licenser-Program (on your computer, not on the web). Enter the Code that was sent to you via email in the E-Licenser Control Center (Inserisci Codice di Attivazione), and it should work!

tried tells me activation code already used

Here ends my power then…

Grazie dell’aiuto

Can you forward to me by email to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de the email you received from the online shop containing your Dorico Elements 3 activation code?

Purchase copy submission

by Daniel at Steinberg
received the private message?