Upgrade during Summer Sale

Hello, could someone give me a little advice?
I own the licenses for DoricoPro 3.5 (desktop computer)
and Dorico Elements 3.5 (on MacBook Pro).
Both with soft e-licenses
If I upgrade the Dorico Elements Version to Dorico Pro, using this years summer sale: does this make sense?
This would mean, I could later update to Dorico Pro 4.0 without further cost.
Will this only be possible on the laptop - or can I instead upgrade the license on the desktop computer? It is a bit of a complicated question.
I could of course just wait until version 4 comes out and hope for a better licensing scheme - i.e. on 2 machines.

My own advice would be to wait and see what Dorico 4 brings later in the year.

Thank you Daniel.
In this case patience is an easy effort.
Looking forward to version 4.0.