Upgrade Elements to Artist + Padshop


  1. I have Cubase Elements and already purchased Padshop and upgraded to Padshop Pro. Should I pay for Padshop twice, if I’m going to upgrade Cubase Elements to Artist which have Padshop too?

  2. Is Padshop in Cubase Artist simply Padshop or Padshop Pro?


  1. Not at all. You can use the Padahop Pro license in any installed DAW on your computer.

  2. In all Cubase derivatives (even Cubase Pro), there is “simple” Padshop. No Padshop Pro in any Cubase version.

Thank you!
About Pro version’s licence it is clear. But about non-Pro version. Elements don’t have Padshop, therefore I bought it. Now, if I want to purchase Cubase Artist which have Padshop (non-Pro), I will pay twice for it. Product selling is for DAWs only, not instruments. Is there any option not to pay twice for one product?


There is no way, how to exclude Padshop from Cubase Artist.

No, not to exlclude, but upgrade should use info from eLicenser.
So why I should pay twice for one product?

That’s the way it works.
Padshop is included as part of Artist whether you want it or not. You don’t get to pick and choose.

The fact that you already have a license for a separate installation of the instrument is irrelevant.

Is it possible that this is first time when someone don’t want to pay twice for one product? It really keeps me away from upgrading to Artist version.

Probably not the first or last but very unlikely to change.

While you here I have next question:
System requirements for both versions are similar except space on HDD and USB-eLicenser. Is that right that licences for Cubase Artist (and Pro) can be used only with USB-eLicenser? No soft-eLicenser?

Yes, Artist and Pro can only be used with a USB eLicenser.

If you’re buying from new both packages come with the USB dongle but if you’re upgrading from Elements you’ll have to buy one separately.

…if you don’t own a USB-eLicenser which you could use already.

Martin.Jirsak, no, I’m not pirate, if you think so :slight_smile:
I have bought a UR242 USB Audio Interface with Cubase 8 AI with software eLicenser. Soon I upgradet it to Elements (w/o USB dongle too), but now I collect info about Artist version for turning my little home studio into more serious studio until I reach Pro version.

No, I don’t think so. But some users own an USB-eLicenser. For example to try Cubase Artist/Pro. Or they own other software, which is using the USB-eLicenser.

Maybe I should obtain USB dongle and only then dream on serious upgrades :slight_smile:

Okay, but how about Padshop I wrote earlier today? I’m going to pay twice for Padshop or is there an option to sell or return or doing something else not to pay twice! :slight_smile: The cost is not

Of course, you can sell your Padshop Pro license. Be aware, Padshop Pro has more features, than Padshop.

You cannot sell the Padshop, which is part of Cubase.

Padshop is not part of Cubase Elements.
I know about Pro features. I already have it.

The things I’ve done in this order:

  1. I bought Padshop (EUR 49.99)
  2. Upgrade to Padshop Pro + Zero Gravity Instr.Set (EUR 34.99)

So, I don’t want to sell my upgrade to Pro, but why I should buy second license of Padshop? I already have Padshop. Why Steinberg have so strong control of licenses, but no control over client’s money and therefore satisfaction? I cannot upgrade to Artist version because I don’t need two licenses of one product - Padshop.

You don’t own Padshop anymore. You upgraded it to Padshop Pro, so you have Padshop Pro license only. Which is more than Padshop.

Now I understand. Thank you!