Upgrade Elements to Artist

Hi all
I bought a UR22C shipped with Cubase AI from Thomann, then later upgraded from AI to Elements via the Steinberg’s website for around £40. I wish to now upgrade to Artist. The price for this via the Steinberg website is about £180. To upgrade straight from AI to Artist through Thomann is about £130. So what could have cost around £130 will cost £220. This does not seem fair. Is there a way round this? Can I roll back Elements to AI then buy the upgrade to Artist?
Thanks in anticipation

It is not possible to roll back if you have already upgraded and activated the Elements license.
To be fair, Steinberg doesn’t dictate how much Thomann should charge for their products.

Thanks KHS

Wait for the next upgrade/update special (should be within 2 months) and get it for 40-50% off. I’m waiting to upgrade from Cubase 4 to 10.5 (which will most likely be the last one eligible for Cubase 4).

Upgrade discount has already been here in May.
Only update is coming later.