upgrade Elements to Artist

I have Elements 9 at present and was thinking of upgrading to Artist while the upgrade special was on. If I upgrade to Artist, do I also have to purchase the USB Dongle? or can it run like Elements with the software license?

Hi and welcome,

You have to purchase an USB-eLicenser (dongle), if you don’t own any already. Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist can store the license to the USB-eLicenser only. The advantage is, you can install your Cubase to multiple computer. Where is your USB-eLicenser plugged in, you can start your Cubase.

Can I purchase the dongle separately ? or it has to go along with the upgrade, since I live far away, the delivery of the dongle from steinberg will take a month, however I can have the dongle delivered from another local online store quicker, can I do that? or is it restricting me to take it from Steinberg only?

Sure - as long as it is a Steinberg eLicenser, you can buy it from whereever you want

Thanks alot !