Upgrade fail - wrong upgrade product purchased


I have upgrade problem. This year I bought Cubase -Elements 11. Successfully upgraded to the 12 and I want upgrade to an Artist. Got my redemption card Cubase Artist 12 Ugrade from AI.
But i cannot redeem the key. I tried several options but none of them work.
Steinberg Download Assistant says:

Can someone help me? I’m quite a desperate.

Well, that redemption is for Cubase AI, but t your license is for Cubase Elements. Look at the license itself - not the application package – to see the actual name of the product for which you have a license.

You can get a refund for unused codes bought in error. Write to the company that sold you the product. That info is on your receipt.

So If I download and register the AI version and then upgrade. Will this work?

No. It’s only for the product you own, which is listed in your account.

Got it, but it is quite confusing. The title says Cubase LE AI Elements and SDA says only elements. Anyway thanks.