Upgrade for xml's, midiloops etc, workflow

Ok so, .midiloops are cool (although they miss automation data).
.clippackage is only available on nuendo & doesnt include insertFX.

XML export feature is quite outdated and clunky now (doesn’t even show in the mediabay results, no drag drop.)

Why is there no single container file like there is for .midiloops but for anything we want?

I would like to save a “.sound” file (or whatever you want to call it) which includes audio, instruments, midi, groups, fxsends, automation data, insertfx data etc as a single container file.

Easy drag and drop into a project, save complicated sound design you have done for your music for another project etc.

We have this in limited fashion for midiloops, just extend this to include other types of tracks & automation…
Hanging for this feature for the longest time.


Hoping for an appearance in 12.5 :sweat_smile:

Woud be a massive workflow improvement!