Upgrade from 11 to 12

I have cubase 11 pro and I’m planing to upgrade to cubase 12 pro. Is it possible to do so from the steinberg site? I can’t find any upgrade menu or similar, nor do I find a search function on their site.

Where do you get your upgrades?

buy cubase on the steinberg site. pick the correct update option

Should really be readily available on Steinberg’s website, as Cubase is SB’s main product and obviously should be easy to find for potential customers.

One single click on “Cubase” there opens the corresponding page and a red big, fat “Buy Cubase 12” button should pop up. I dunno if it is a regional thing, like Steinberg not selling or allowed to sell their products online in specific countries (I doubt it).

You could also try another browser, just to be sure something’s not borked.