Upgrade from 4 to 5

Hello, I have Dorico 4 and wanted to upgrade to 5. I could download all the files but couldn’t pay or log in for activation. I did already try everything with the Activation Manager or the Download Assistent (log in with ID) but coulnd’t manage anything to get 5.
What can I do to go further? Thanks, greetings, Ludo

Depending where one lives, starting here seems a good idea.

(And I never download the software before buying it. I buy the license (and usually can see a download/access code in the confirmation screen as well as in a follow-up e-mail–although that takes longer to arrive. Then I open the Steinberg Download Assistant and plug in my upgrade code there; That usually takes care of activation right away. Only after that do I download (Update All) from the SDA. For me that process works smoothly.)

Ludo, this is the product you need to buy:


Once you’ve made payment, you’ll receive an email receipt from the Steinberg online shop, and in that email you’ll find a Download Access Code (it may be labeled as an “activation code”). Go here and click the button to enter your Download Access Code, and paste in the code from your receipt.

Now run Steinberg Activation Manager and click the “refresh” button in the top right corner, and your Dorico 5 license will appear.

Hello, thanks very much, all went well!