Upgrade from 5 to 6 problem..Please help!

Hi all,

I have just bought and installed the boxed version of the cubase update from 5 to 6 on my windows xp and i am having some issues:

1: After installing cubase 6 icon is nowhere to be seen, not on desktop - not on startup menu…only the old cubase 5 is displayed

2: When i loaded up cubase 6 from the program files\steinberg\cubase 6 - half way thru loading it give me: VST Sound Library “Drum Loop Expansion 01” not found…where can i locate this?

3: Ive just downloaded the 6.0.3 update and when i click on it, the little rectangle box starts to load then closes and nothing happens…is this update only for windows 7 ?

Would really appreciate your help on these as im quite gutted after being excited on using this :frowning:

P.S - should i have uninstalled Cubase 5 before upgrading to cubase 6 ?

You should not need to uninstall C5 before installing C6. Many people have both on their systems. With that being said, something does sound strange in your case. If C5 still works fine then I would give C6 install another try. Maybe try removing C6 first via uninstall option. My guess is that some parts of C6 did not make it onto the computer.

Hi Gilera - running 6.0.3 on XP SP2 here. All fine.