Upgrade from 6.0.7 to 6.5

Hey, hopefully someone from Steinberg can clear this up for me…

Is it possible to upgrade from Cubase 6.0.7 to 6.5.4?

I need the update for the new comping tools.

6.5 is still availalbe to purchase, and similalry other earlier Cubase users can all still upgrade to 6.5 via the online shop (i.e. from Cubase 4 or Cubase 5; Studio 4 or 5; Essential 4/5; Elements 6; Sequel 3/ 2; Cubase SX 1/2/3, Cubase SL 1/2/3, Cubase SE 3; LE 4/5/6; Cubase AI 4/5/6)…

Yet I can’t…

It’s annoying, frustrating, surely a mistake…

I don’t want version 7… nor is it even available yet… and i need the comp tools now! yes I’m willing to pay and everything…

PS I haven’t heard back from the support desk.

I was asking myself exactly the same question yesterday!

I already have been through all this with the support team at Steinberg and their final answer is NO!!!
This upgrade path (Cubase 6.0 to 6.5) is deleted from the online shop and it will not come back!!!

To get 6.5 I have to wait until 5. Dezember when Cubase 7 is available and purchase that to get a license which includes the license for 6.5! This is very bad customer relationship, it forces people to buy something they don’t want and is blocking the usage of the grace period! But all other cubase users (older or smaller Cubase versions) are still able to use the grace period and get discounds by buying the upgrade now.

And the worst part of it all is that at the moment it is not possible for cubase 6 users to upgrade to the newset version of cubase may it be version 6.5 or 7 because both are not available to buy right now!
So Steinberg prevents Cubase 6 users to use and upgrade to the newest Cubase version available on the market!

What the f*ck is this? Let’s hurt the people who did not played their game by upgrading to 6.5 which was the first in between major versions upgrade you have to pay for?

If Cubase 7 would be available right now I would stop arguing but it’s not yet available for purchase!

I can’ believe this…

man this is shocking! I’m speechelss if Steinberg has singled out late adopters still on 6.0 and penalised us?! pure :imp: and very bad PR Steinberg!

I’m awaiting an official reply but it better be good as right now I’m not happy!

I’m sure there are independent stores that still sell it. There’s no difference from buying it through the Steinberg store, so that’s worth a try.

The question has been answered multiple times. No way Steinberg is going to let a $50 upgrade get C7 AFTER the grace period has been announced.

But a Cubase 4 or 5 user is still able to upgrade to 6.5 for only 199 € and get cubase 7 when finally release for free on top (grace period)! But a Cubase 6 user can’t upgrade to 6.5 at the moment and have to pay later 199 € for cubase 7!
So Cubase 4 and 5 users pay the same price as Cubase 6 users for upgrading to cubase 7?

That’s strange!

That does not answer the question I asked and I don’t think you follow… perhaps re-read the post?

I wasn’t questioning the pricing. i.e. if you’re on 6 you should have to pay more than if you’re currently on 6.5 (to acknowledge the upgrade already paiid by customers going to 6.5).

However, I do not want 7. I want 6.5

What I, and no doubt others want is the choice to upgrade to 6.5 and keep on the current look/feel Cubase with some extra features which are developed, supported and currently available both to new customers and all other Cubase users. Not too hard to understand surely? nobody is trying to get 7 for 50 quid or whatever you misunderstood. :sunglasses:

The situation is really no different to a Cubase 5 owner upgrading to 6.5 today and then deciding to go to 7 on December 5th or in 6 months time or whatever.

I understand your post and that you only want 6.5. Unfortunately, it is not possible because of the grace period. My point is just that your question has been answered. There is no longer an upgrade from 6 to 6.5. Marcus (a site admin) even said it on another thread.

The point I’m trying to make here is that cubase 6 users are treated differently then all other cubase users!
Steinberg should not allow some cubase users to still upgrade to 6.5 + getting 7 for free (grace period) and cubase 6 users to deny it!
It would be ok if Steinberg decides to stop any upgrade option and for any cubase version until 7 is released.
Or it would be ok if Steinberg says ok you can upgrade now to 6.5 for 49,99 € but you don’t get 7 for free (no grace period)

But it’s not ok to treat users differently!

You would be better off to drop the concept of “fair” when dealing with business. What other people get is not a factor. The vendor sets a price or policy and you decide whether you want to buy it. Look around you and you’ll see it’s no different in any other marketplace.

yep, it’s business, and that’s what I want… i.e. purchase 6.5. if Steinberg wants sustainable business and return custom, relations are of course important. Competitors realise this, some dopped prices over the years, some indeed dropped out of business :open_mouth: some new ones have emerged with alternative business models from ground up :wink: there seem to be increasingly attractive options and I am in no way bound to Cubase.

But I’m not here to talk business politics or whatever. I would just like to hear from the horse’s mouth why every other Cubase version user out there can still upgrade to 6.5, apart from us on 6?! If that is a sound business decision from Steinberg, let’s heat it. If it’s an error, let’s have it (upgrade that is)…

If you were thinking about 6.5 you should have bought it earlier. Come on, we already knew the price of that upgrade (€ 49) would be deducted from the update price to 7. And BTW, Cubase 4 and 5 users pay € 249, not € 199.

Thanks Arjan, that makes me feel a whole lot better! I didn’t need 6.5 before now! Just recently started a new project / ep and was about to upgrade after reading a review on SOS mag. The extras seemed useful. Guess I’ll never know now though! Surely you don’t just upgrade cos a new version comes along?!

re: the pricing = I’m not debating that! I still cannot understand why us 6.0 users have been restricted from upgrading to v6.5 in the interim (since announcement of 7), while all other users can upgrade to 6.5, in the interim. A pricing structure is established for all of eventualities which reflects what people have paid to date and so it makes sense. Obviously I wouldn’t be eligible for the grace period but this needn’t be mutually exclusive! The mere announcement of 7 and the existence of a grace period should not in the meantime preclude 6 users upgrading to 6.5, in my opinion. Of course Steinberg appears to think differently. I’ll invest the same money I’d have spent on 6.5 in Reaper and see what I make of that :bulb:

what is this mean ???

Steinberg Cubase 7 Update from Cubase 6 (UD2)

I originally thought that Steinberg would keep the 6.5 upgrade intact until I would finally be able to purchase it, but I suppose that I was incorrect. I use an older computer that doesn’t even meet the system requirements of Cubase 7 (it won’t be able to run Mac OSX 10.7 or 10.8). Therefore, I’m stuck with Cubase 6.0.6 and can’t get FLAC support or the new tools until I buy a new computer. Essentially, Steinberg is forcing me to spend $200 for an upgrade that I do not need, in addition to $3000 to $4000 for a new computer. This is absolutely ludicrous, I’m afraid. The 6.x.x to 6.5.x upgrade should not have been removed.

You saying Steinberg is forcing you is what is absolutely ludicrous.
You got the product you paid for. It didn’t have FLAC then or the new tools when you agreed to buy it.
The product you bought still works the same as when you bought it.

ok, people have the product they paid for but this does not change the fact that Steinberg shouldn’t have removed the upgrade path from 6.0.x to 6.5.x, yet at the same time decided to upgrade paths it intact for all other users of Cubase! :imp:

+1 bring back the 6.5 upgrade please Steinberg.


And BTW, Cubase 4 and 5 users pay € 249, not € 199.

DV in UK are selling 4/5 update to 6.5 (with grace period update to C7) for only £137 (€170)

this is £25 (€30) less than they will charge for the update from C6 to C7 when it arrives!

The € 249 is the regular direct update price from 4/5 to 7. Ofcourse if you can find a reseller, the route via 6.5 and Grace Period is much better.