Upgrade from 6.5 to 7 now, or wait for 8?

Hey all,

Currently using 6.5. Noticed the announcement for 8 coming on June 21. Anyone think it’s better to update to 7 now, and take advantage of the grace period to 8, or wait and just upgrade to 8 when it’s released.

Curious about how Steinberg has handled upgrade prices in the past. Basically - if they have charged more upgrade over 2 versions, or if it’s usually been the same upgrading over multiple versions. Didn’t want to avoid paying more to upgrade to 8 then I have to.

Hope that makes sense - thanks for any help!

They charge a little more for each upgrade that you didn’t buy, but never more than if you had bought each upgrade separately. Upgrading now will be cheaper.

Nuendo 8 should be a straight upgrade over 6.5 so I would just upgrade now if you can afford it.