Upgrade from 6.5


Has anyone managed to upgrade from 6.5 to 9 seemlessly? I don’t suppose why not but I’m just asking.


Cubase 9 is a completely new installation. It would sit alongside your previous Cubase 6.5 just as it sits alongside my 8.5 (and indeed 6 on my old PC).

Why not download the trial and see…it’s the same file as the full version anyway but with a limited 30 day license.

Many thanks for this.

Just tried this very upgrade, after upgrading to OSX 10.12.3. Old Cubase 6.5 works fine still, though the new one will not activate as eLicenser does not recognise the earlier version when I try to activate v.9… therefore it will not authorize the upgrade. Have tried all latest updates to eLicenser Control Centre, uninstalls, etc… to no avail. Have not got the time to sort out at the moment - just trying to not think too much about the wasted upgrade $$$.


I want to Upgrade from 6.5 to 9 however, I need to upgrade from a PC to a Mac using Sierra which doesn’t support my older version disks.

I just noticed I can download the trial version of 9 so if I buy an upgrade will it just give me a new license number and can I only pay for the upgrade or will I have to pay for the full program?

Hope that makes sense?


If you have a license on your USB licenser for 6.5 then yes you can just get an upgrade to 9. It doesn’t matter that you’re swapping from PC to Mac. It’s possible to have both PC and Mac versions of the software on the same license but you can only use one at a time (which ever one the USB eLicenser is plugged into!).