Upgrade from 6 to 8?

I need advice from any 6 users who skipped 7 but have upgraded to 8. Like many, I saw 7 as a step in the wrong direction. 8 looks much better but I’d rather not go through the effort (XP to Win7, new plug licenses, etc.) if it’s a repackaged 7 with a few new features.

What’s your experience? Thanks,

Greg Reierson

I didn’t skip 7, so I dealt with the extreme learning curve, especially without a real manual. I have to say though, that the step from 6 to 8 in my view can be taken much easier, though you’ll need to take time to get into it. The manual is on par with the WL6 manual and since it can be downloaded seperately you can already find out some basics about WL8.