Upgrade from 7.5 to 12 - missing products and license oddities

Long-time user, started with Cubase 5 back in '08. Updated to 7.5 which I was using for a VERY long time. Fell out of music production for a while.

I just got back into it and upgraded to 12. I received the email confirmation with a download link, but noticed that Cubase 12 does not show anywhere in MySteinberg under my purchased products. I contacted support who sent me a code to enter into the eLicenser for Cubase 7.5.

This gave me a download link in MySteinberg for Cubase 11 Pro upgraded to 12.

I was able to install it and get things running. Hooray!

However, I’m running into a number of strange problems:

  • Lots of the content that’s supposed to come with Cubase 12 is not available in the Download Assistant. Specifically Sounds & Loops. It’s missing lots of libraries such as Nightcall Synthwave, Lofi, and many others. Padshop downloaded and installed OK, thankfully.
  • The content that IS there, say Ambient Lounge, will install but doesn’t show up in the Media Bay afterward no matter what I do. Again, instruments seem OK so far but none of the Sounds & Loops work.
  • When I log into Account.Steinberg.Net it says that Cubase 12 is not installed on any computers
  • When I go to https://o.steinberg.net/en/mysteinberg/my_products.html I see Cubase 11 upgraded to 12 via USB-eLicenser

So basically I feel like I’m in some kind of weird limbo hell and am concerned about moving forward on my projects and running into some kind of random licensing error.

So my two main questions are:

  • How do I access the content that should be available with Cubase 12 upgrade
  • What on earth is going on with my license and am I safe to actually use the product?

I love you guys but this is such a confusing mess having multiple websites/apps that do different things. Getting codes in email, copy-pasting into licensing app, downloaded from another website, installing in one app, then managing in yet another app, it’s mind-boggling.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager application on your side, please?

Hello, thank you very much for the fast reply!

That was a third application I wasn’t aware of yet :upside_down_face:

It said “Unactivated” – I clicked Activate and now the website shows installed on one computer, so that’s good.

I shut everything down, and in the Steinberg Download Assistant when I click on My Products then click on Cubase 12 I see a number of additional products, and it shows the green check mark next to Padshop and Retrologue as already being installed, which is good.

I think the issue was I was trying to install sound & loop packs that didn’t come with Cubase 12. It’s a bit confusing having every product available there, but now that the bundle shows under My Products > Cubase 12 I think I’m good to go!

I just installed Analog Techno and I see it in the Media Bay.

Thanks again.