Upgrade from 8.5 Cubase 9 when Cubase 9.5 is out

Hi Everyone,

I would like to upgrade from C8.5 to C9 and don’t need to upgrade to C9.5. I was wondering if Steinberg would let me do this. Of course if it costs less than 159 dollars.

I will be using it on a MacBook with Yosemite.



No only latest version is available. If you wait another month you will also probably be in grace period for 10.

I am curious as to why you think you need to upgrade to 9.0 but don’t need to upgrade to 9.5 and what happens when 10.0 is released?

The products available on the Steinberg site are always for the latest version (currently CB 9.5). But, purchasing the latest version will allow you to run the previous version (CB 9). Most likely you would have to contact Steinberg for the v9 software installation file after you purchase and activate the v9.5. It is interesting that you want to use an older Cubase version. BTW… the price will not be any less. Good luck.

One last thing… you have (3) duplicate posts for this topic. You can still delete one of them before someone replies to it.

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No, you can always update to the very latest version only. So today you can update to Cubase 9.5 license only. But with Cubase 9.5 license, you can start Cubase 9 too.

Thank you Grim, as always.

Hi there,

I did not know this has been posted three times! I am sorry about this. They are all answered and don’t want to be rude and delete any of them!!!

Anyhow, my reason was to just spend 59 dollars to get upgraded to C9. I only need the Export Cycle Marker functionality and quite happy for now with my C8.5 on my MacBook Yosemite machine. Plus, I was not sure if C9.5 or C10 ( upcoming) would work with Yosemite!

Thank you everyone for taking a time to respond my question.


Thank you Martin. That was a perfect answer.