Upgrade from 8.5 pro (edu) to latest version (11)

I have an education license for Cubase 8.5 pro. For a while now I’ve been nurturing the idea of upgrading to the latest version of Cubase pro, currently it is version 11. How do I know what to get? Are there discounts I should keep an eye out for? Are there any other things I should know before upgrading?

(I don’t have any beef with support channels, it’s just, I rather ask you folks than some salesman over at steiberg. :man_shrugging:

The only thing you should know is there’s probably a sale coming up in the next few weeks so it’s probably worth waiting for a bit.
Also, your edu license will be transferred to a commercial one after upgrading. The only difference is that you will be legally allowed to make money with services you provide, or music you make in Cubase.

Thanks a lot Vincent!

I’m not in a hurry. :slight_smile:

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Seems there’s a sale going on right now, as you predicted. I don’t know what I should purchase if I want the pro version though?

For updating from 8.5 Pro Education, you just choose to update to Pro 11 from Pro 8.5 as a regular user, it doesn’t matter that you have an Education version.

This was answered in this link:

So, this update is for you: