Upgrade from 8.5 to 10

Hey guys,
I have a 12 core 3.33 ghz Mac Pro 5,1 with 48 GB RAM running Sierra. My interface is RME UCX, I’m using the Steinberg’s cmc controllers too. My issue with Cubase is the sluggish and disfunctional graphics performance. Horizontal zooming is so messed up, Cubase 7 was much better regarding this issue, however I can’t downgrade because of OS and plugin compatibility. My question is, am I going to see a smooth performance upgrading to Cubase 10? It sounds awful and I’m loosing respect to Steinberg as they should’ve fixed the poor graphics in earlier versions rather than keep releasing new ones. So please tell me, specially Mac Pro users who have the same issues. Do you guys revoke the upgrade for the reason mentioned above?


I’m using cubase 10 on a 4 core Mac with 8 gb ram, no sluggish layout problems here.

Thanks for your response,
Did you have sluggish horizontal zoom issues on Cubase 8.5?