Upgrade from AI 9.5 to Pro

I’ve just bought the Upgrade and want to ask how to install it/
I have AI installed already and what have I to do for upgradeing?
If I have to download a full version of Pro and install it alongside with AI? I can’t find a download like Upgrade AI to Pro.
Because I don’t want to move all installed VSTi’s to new folders for Pro.

Thanx and all the best!

You need to download and install the full Pro Installer. Pro is a completely separate program to AI.

You shouldn’t need to move any folders.

planarchist, thanx for your reply. It’s seems so.
But one issue that confuses me: I have several plugins installed within Cubase AI vst folder.

Will they be pluged automatically or I should to move them to common files folder?

Are these third party plugins (there will replacements for all the Steinberg ones anyway)? I wouldn’t move any old Steinberg plugins unless they’re missing from the current version (which seems unlikely if you’re moving up from AI).

If they are third party then for future proofing alone it’s often best to have them in a common folder, yes (though you also can just add the folder to the list of folders scanned in Pro 9.5).

Otherwise you’ll need to copy/move them each time you upgrade (or add the folder(s) to the list in the new version).

I’d be all over the AI to Artist if the latter could use the soft elicenser. The difference between AI and Elements isn’t large enough to warrant an upgrade, but Artist does have some nice extra features I’d like to have on the travel system. But not with a dongle. Yep, I know that this is an old and tired topic, but in this case it’s a direct reason for me not spending money. I’ll stick with AI and its limitation when on the move then.