Upgrade from AI

Hello, I am new here. A Pro Tools user, I got a free copy of AI with my recent purchase of a Yamaha MOXf6, and I liked what I saw. The program would load each time and bump me with an ad to upgrade to Elements, and I decided this was a good idea as AI did not have multiple takes and comping and from what I read, Elements did. The issue is after purchasing and downloading and installing Elements my computer tells me there is nothing to install as all the downloaded parts of the software already exist. So either I already had Elements and the ad didn’t realize it, and it does not include comping, or something is required as a trigger to tell the already existing software to now activate at Elements level and my install failed to tell it to do so. I put in a support ticket, but I thought someone here might be able to help. I would greatly appreciate it and I apologize for such a long winded first post.