Upgrade from AI7 to AI8

I have just downloaded the upgrade available to me through the Steinberg grace period. The download was successful and it shows up in mu USB dongle under the e installer program and also appears on my products in my steinberg.
Activation code and registration number all listed.
The Cubase version on my computer though still remains as AI 7.
I have rebooted several times and changed dongle USB ports but program remains as version AI7.
Any ideas?
Mac OS9.5x

I have figured it out today but invite any comments as to why this occurred. AI 8 had successfully downloaded but does not overwrite existing AI 7 program which I had in dock. I found it in applications hidden out of sight. Once clicked it started and I now have running successfully and picking up previous songs and work etc. It did hang up on an old VST effect which i have now deleted, forced quit Cubase and restarted and all fine now. Here is the question though:
In my USB installer and on my Steinberg I am showing 2 prorams
1: Cubase AI 8
2: Cubase Elements 8
Is this correct? Are they the same program? why both, I only followed down load instructions sent as a link on an email to me from Steinberg.