upgrade from artist 10.06 to pro v 10.5

I purchased the upgrade package to bring my Cubase Artisit 10.06 up to the Cubase Pro 10.5.
Everything went well, including downloading and installing the upgrade.
When I put my activation code into the e-licenser after starting the new 10.5, I see a message in my e-licenser that there are no licenses to upgrade.
I am still able to run my Artist, albeit with a few e-licenser pop ups about not recognizing existing patches I’ve been using (which never happened before the upgraade).
What am I doing wrong, and what can I do to get the new version up and running?

I’m not versed well enough in the registration process to advise on the specific steps in activating a license - but others here can surely help with what you are doing.

That said, STOP!

We are within a few weeks of when a new version of Cubase has historically been released. If you wait to register your license until Cubase 11 comes out, you will get C11 for the price of your C10.5 upgrade. Actually you can register it before C11 is released as there will be a grace period - but that’s not advised since the release date isn’t known in advance so you could easily miss by a day. Of course with 2020 being what it was who knows how that has impacted the development work.

In any case it is worth waiting a bit to see what happens :wink: