upgrade from Artist to pro 9 - do I lose the license for Artist?

I have Artist 9 installed and am considering upgrading to Pro 9 while the offer is on at Steinberg. My question is if I purchased a second usb license stick would I be able to transfer the license for Artist onto it so I could run Artist on my second computer or will the Artist license be deactivated by Steinberg once I receive a full license for the Pro 9?

In fairness to Steinberg given I haven’t bought a full version of Pro 9 just the upgrade I very much doubt that I can do this but just thought I’d ask and see if anyone has done this previously?


Upgrading to Pro replaces your Artist license, you’re paying to add more features.

If it wasn’t like this, you would be able to sell your Cubase Artist and there would be no reason to buy Cubase Pro without getting Artist first.