Upgrade from ARtist to Pro - need to re-download?

I just upgraded from Artist 8 (purchased an installed 2 weeks ago) to Pro 8 and just activated - it now shows Pro 8 but just wondering : should I have downloaded ? (although I have no link for this) or do I have all the extras already (which just needed an activation to allow ?)

Then if I need to reinstall, would I install the Artist version ?? – or is there a full version I should download (and how ?)

(I would assume, such as with AVID and Cakewalk) I will always have access to those versions, right ?)


If you go to the My Steinberg website and login to your account, look at your registered products you should see Cubase 8 and a download tab over to the right. In that tab is the complete install for Cubase 8 Pro.


Cubase Pro and Artist are the same installation - the license available will lock or unlock the different features.
This is why you are opening Pro since the license upgrade.

There is no need to download it again.


Perfect ! Thank you very much for your prompt replies, both.