Upgrade from Artist to Pro question...

I recently upgraded from Cubase 10.5 Elements to Artist using the educational discount, (I’m confirmed as eligible) So I currently have Artist, full version (educational).
I’m considering upgrading to Pro, the upgrade to Pro from Artist is currently $224 however there is no mention of this being educational or otherwise.
Am I able to upgrade from Artist educational to Pro for that price?

Hi and welcome,

There are no EDU updates. I’m already wondering, how did you upgrade from Cubase Elements to Artist EDU. As EDU, you can buy only Full versions.

To reply your question, once you upgrade, your EDU license changes to the Full Retail license. There are no EDU upgrades.

I kind of ended up going the long way around. Edu Elements to Edu Artist to full Pro. Silly really, I wasn’t originally intending on going any higher than Elements but since I have so much time sitting at home at the moment I thought I might as well…