Upgrade from C 6.5 to C Pro 8.5 Full version #

Hi , I just , done a Upgrade from C 6.5 to C Pro 8.5 Full version , dont have it still :frowning: , though paid in full , just wanted to know ,

  1. if i need to have my C 6.5 installed first , or is the Upgrade a fresh Full C pro 8.5 version ??
  2. will C 6.5 files work directly in C Pro 8.5 ?
    thanks ws

I’m not sure about the 2nd question but you can just install the full version fresh :slight_smile:

If you don’t have get download links 8.5 pro, then log into your MySteinberg account and see send support email about.

No, you dont need to have 6.5 installed. You will get a full 8.5 installation, that installs next to your 6.5 installation. So you can use both Cubase version individually after the 8.5 installation.

Yes, the audio and soundfiles will work in 8.5. C6.5 projects should also load for most parts. There might be some incompatibility is a few cases, but I think your should be fine loading older projects in C8.5


Thanks thats good , why clutter the PC with more versions , will stick to C 8.5 , and cannot log into my Steinberg account , looks like the server is down for now bt thanks , you , answered all my queries ws

Firstly note there are some technical issues at Steinberg at the moment so you may struggle to get into MySteinberg or to activate your software.

The download links you should have been sent after purchase might be an upgrade installer.
This will be the C8.5 program plus any instrument data that has changed, but it may re-use some older core content you already have installed. You might check your spam folders as these should be sent out straight away.

You should also be mailed an activation code…did you receive this at least?
But the activation server is definitely down at the moment.

Once MySteinberg is back up you should have another download link in your account which will be to the full 9Gb installer.
If you are in any doubt as to whether you have all the older content installed for 6.5 and want to be sure to get everything now, you can use this…or you might try the links given here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=93060

same here , n if GA4 has a break up 2 gb downloads , why notdo the same for C Pro 8.5 , but 1 gb parts thistime all problems solved… ws