Upgrade from C11 to C12/C13

Hey Cubase users.

Firstly, I wasn’t aware of a Cubase 11 to 12 grace period. I was never notified. Is there a possibility of claiming that now?

Secondly, if/when I upgrade. I’m under the impression that the eLiscener is obsolete and now digital.
I currently use the USB between my laptop and tower. Will the digital key render my current situation invalid?

If you purchase an upgrade to Cubase 12 and it fails under the Steinberg Grace Period, you will be given a free upgrade to Cubase 13, which entitles you to use Cubase 12 also. Both of which fall under the new Steinberg Licensing System. The terms are similar to the Dongle, but with only machine based activation. You can activate/deactivate up to three computers simultaneously.

After you upgrade using the eLicencer Dongle, it does not become obsolete. You will still be able to use it the same way you always have done, only it will no longer be upgradable. It will state in the eLicencer software under the licence on the Dongle (Upgraded to Cubase# with Steinberg Licensing).