Upgrade from C6.0/6.5?? to C7

When i start up Cubase on my MBP, i have a version 6.0, so I brought the upgrade from 6.0 to 7. But in the licence center i have 6.5, and now I cant activate the upgrade and use C7.

How do I fix that…?

Thank you.

Could it be that you forgot to download and install Cubase 6.5 on its release but you did receive a 6.5 license due to the last grace period? Anyway, please return the product via Asknet and ask for a refund, then order the 6.5 to 7 update.

I have C6.5 installed and activated on the 22/11 and am trying to get my grace period update. I can’t get the elicenser to upgrade my license to 7. Is there an issue currently with the license server?