upgrade from Cubase 10


Just double checking it is possible to upgrade from Cubase 10 Pro (crossgrade) to Nuendo 10 for an additional $400 is that right?
I am currently using Reason 10 and want to try out Cubase 10 then possibly do an upgrade to Nuendo 10. I haven’t used Cubase
since 2002. I just checked out some of the Cubase and Nuendo videos and I was blown away by what it has evolved into.


Hello, welcome and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
You can crossgrade to either Cubase (or Nuendo directly) from Reason, and indeed you can also crossgrade from Cubase (Full/Pro version 4 or later) to Nuendo at a later point.
You can also trial both application, at the same or different times.

Please, help me sir! i can’t do this crossgrade process… please guide me… I have Cubase Pro 10 and USB E-Licenser.