Upgrade from Cubase 5.5.3 to 9.5

Greetings All,

I just purchased a long overdue upgrade from Cubase 5.5.3 to 9.5. The Steinberg website is very specific in the use of the term “upgrade” and provides clear choices for the specific versions customers are seeking to upgrade from. However, at the Steinberg Download Assistant window, I have only the following relevant download choices (there are 2 additional choices available, but neither is applicable or relevant for my purposes):

Cubase Pro 9.5 - Full
Cubase Pro 9.5.30 - Update


Are the terms “upgrade” and “update” synonymous with one another?
Given that I am upgrading from such an old version, which is the correct choice under the circumstances - Cubase Pro 9.5 - Full or Cubase Pro 9.5.30 - Update?

I will download both files, but wait to install anything until I know for certain which is the correct choice.

Many thanks in advance,

John F.

You can’t use an update without having a full version to update.

So install full, then update (if it doesn’t do this as part of the full install which I think may happen)

Got it. Thanks very much for the speedy response!

John F.

In Steinberg language, an “upgrade” is when you go from a “smaller” version to a “bigger” one (for example “elements” to “artist” or “Pro”). An “update” is everything that stays within the product range you already are ( for example “artist 8” to “artist 8.5”)