Upgrade from Cubase 5 Educational to Cubase Pro 10

Hi! I’d like to know if I can upgrade my Cubase 5 (Educational License) to Cubase Pro 10. Thanks a lot!

Sure- the edu licenses are equal to regular ones as far as updating or upgrading goes, and, once you have the new license it will be a regular full retail license. 150 USD to go from C5 to 10 Pro, pretty good deal.

Thanks a lot!

The same kind of problem. The question though: does the full 20.4 GB installer just ovewrite the 5 version? In case I need to instal Cubase from scratch do I need to install ver 5 first and then the ver 1o full installer - or just ONLY 10 and its activation/purchase code will just “say” it is an upgrade - doing all the job. Hope I was clear.

This question must have ben answered certainly a hundred times across the forums…
It´s a separate install, and the upate s a full version thta does only require a vaild license on your USB eLicenser.

yeah, it must have…yet thousand thanks for your answer. Nice of you.