Upgrade from Cubase 5 LE


I wanted to download cubase 5 LE installer from my profile on steinberg pages. It worked for me absolutely fine in the times I needed it. However I discovered, that it is no longer supported or downloadable. Therefore, I decided to buy Cubase Elements 9. I chose upgrade from Cubase LE - which appeared to me that “this might be it”. Paid 50 eur, downloaded and installed.

And you probably know what happened after that. After I entered activation code I couldn’t do the upgrade, as I have no suitable license to be upgraded. Later I found out, that you can probably upgrade just from Cubase LE 7 and above.

God damn, don’t you think it is a bit complicated? What should one do, to buy your software and actually make it work? Any solution for my situation? Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: ordered full version, hopefully will get money back for upgrade and that should do it.