Upgrade from Cubase 6 Elements to Cubase 7 Artist & SeL

Greetings, this is my first post in the Steinberg forums, I had been following the boards for a long while but finally I’ve decided to post something since I saw that many people are pretty helpful around here.

I bought the upgrade pack from Cubase 6 Elements to Cubase 7 Artist yesterday, and decided to use the activation code on the Soft eLicenser this morning. However, when I input the required activation code, it shows an ‘‘access denied’’ kind of red symbol and I cannot continue further, so I am unable to upgrade to the new version at the moment.

I decided to take a look to the order details to see if something went wrong, and I noticed that it said ‘‘USB eLicenser Required’’ on the order information page of Cubase 7.

Does this mean I won’t be able to activate the upgrade unless I have the hardware USB eLicenser?

Any help and response is appreciated.
Glad to finally be a part of the community.

You will need this piece of hardware and it is of great benefit, since:

a) If damaged, licenses can be replaced

b) it can be plugged into any computer that has the license program installed and used

c) licenses are not erased upon re-installation of your computer.

Elicensers can be purchased via music shops, ebay or the Steinberg online web store