Upgrade from Cubase 6 to Nuendo 5

Dear Sirs,
I am VERY dissatisfied regarding Cubase 6 in OSX 64-bit environment. This schizophrenia between 32- and 64-bit applications goes on too long. Why Steinberg in this situation of music producers doesn’t have an offer let’s say crossgrade from CUbase 6 to Nuendo 5 (both 64-bit)? I don’t understand this hermetic politic.

best regrads,

hello Roman and Steinberg peolple

I’ve heard that they used to do this, (up to CU4 and NU4) but stopped because there was not much ask for it.
Back Then the difference was in the extra features, basic workflow was allmost the same!

At work we now have Nuendo 5,5 and at home I Use cubase since Cu4. I’m doing radio commercials jingles and other smaller post stuff, meaning I don’t do 5,1 feature films, allthough I do occasionally do videos stuff.
With every Upgrade they go more and more apart, Cu to music production, NU to post, which means CU6 is less good for what I do then CU5!
I’m certain that more people have this problem, and it would be nice of the company to help their customers to get the software that really suite their needs!

So in short I could really use a crossgrade from CU6 to Nuendo 5,5!

Kind Regards Klaas

Dear Klaas, thanks for answer. Unfortunately, your message doesn’t explain any strange situations in Steinberg policy, especially “price policy” of updates, short time of supporting hardware and software products (a few examples: Midex3, Midex 8, Houston, Virtual Guitarist, V-Stack, etc, etc… I’m not talking about ST24/96 so old item).
Simply, many my friends - Steinberg customers - say: STOP, no more Steinberg. And I agree. Absolutely.

best regards,