Upgrade from Cubase 6

Hi everyone. I am looking to upgrade from Cubase 6 to 10. My question is i would be doing this on a new computer that will not have my previous version of Cubase. Does anyone know if buying Cubase 10 would then be considered a purchase at full price or would i still qualify for the purchase under the upgrade section since i can prove i have it registered? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

If you have a Cubase 6 license on your USB key, you can buy the upgrade and don´t need to buy the full version.

Hi folks. New to all this so bear with me. Purchased Cubase pro 10 update from 6.5. After clicking on installer and picking product(Cubase 10), it shows 3 downloads. Full…Update…and History. Do I need to download the Full along with the Update? I just downloaded Update and History. When I entered activation code it seemed to install everything but Cubase 10. Think it said ‘No Change’. Cubase 10 not installed. Do I need to download that Full also? What am I missing? Thanks!

I went through the license process. Did have 6.5 but the installation left me with those 3 downloads. Do I need all 3? Thanks.