Upgrade from Cubase AI to Elements

I am planning to purchase UR22 C and install/set up Cubase AI. My main goal is having Elements actually.

  • Should I first install AI and then upgrade to Elements (I don’t know if this is possible)?
  • Or directly install Elements (with discount) with AI installation/activation code ?

I don’t know for sure if it is still the case, but previously the LE/AI/Elements installer was actually universal and the license controlled the available features.

The eLicenser software is it’s own thing separate from the Cubase installation.

In your situation, I would install the latest eLicenser first (before installing any Cubase software). Next, enter your AI activation code and make sure that goes well. At this point confirm registration in your MySteinberg account. Then you have a known upgradable license to apply the Elements activation code to in the eLCC.

Then download and install Elements and you should be good to go.

Of course there is no problem going with AI first and upgrading to Elements later. Installers are available in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you for the answer.

Yes that way looks more practical actually:
eLicenser > AI activation code (confirm registration in MySteinberg account) > apply the Elements activation code in the eLCC.


I made the upgrade on one machine from LE 6 to Elements 10.5 and I had LE installed and working first.