Upgrade from Cubase Artist v11 to v12

upgrade from Cubase Artist v11 to v12

I upgraded my Cubase Artist from v11.0.20.371 to v 12.0.40

I use Windows 10 64 bit

I see both Cubase Artist 11 and 12 in my Windows Program Files.

  1. Can I uninstall Cubase Artist 11?

  2. How do I uninstall Cubase Artist 11?

  3. I read somewhere that from v12, USB dong keys are not needed.

My dong keys are still inserted via USB port.

a) Can I remove the USB dong key from my PC?

If so how do I safely remove it?


You can uninstall Cubase Artist 11 from Windows’ “Apps and Features”.

Please make sure that Cubase Artist 12 is properly activated and verified before disconnecting the USB-eLicenser dongle:

If you purchased certain Steinberg plug-ins or expansions, the dongle might still be required until they make the switch to Steinberg Licensing.

thank u for your response.



Yes, you can, once you are sure your Cubase 12 is working fine.

Use common Windows uninstaller, please.

If you don’t use any other Steinberg libraries (which have own license) and all your Cubase components are up to date, you can unplug the ISB-eLicenset.

Don’t uninstall eLCC, just unplug the USB-eLicenset, please.

thank you for your answer