Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI 6/7/8

Hi all!

I upgraded to Elements from AI 8, but all the features that should have come with that upgrade are missing. Groove Agent, effects, etc nothing is there… I can only select the HELION SE as VST.

When I try to download the Groove Agent Update, available at the Steinberg website, it says that it will do nothing because no Groove agent version is installed.

This applies to all other VST and effects I should be getiting and I don’t.

Coudl you please help me?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

The application is the same in fact for Cubase AI, LE and Elements. Only the license decides, which function is available. To “open” the function, you have to activate the license.

Did you already activate your upgrade? Can you see the Cubase Elements license in the eLCC application?

Hi Martin

Thank you very much! Touché! Your sugestion was precisly what was wrong!

Thanks again

All cubase versions ship with Groove agent SE (=special edition), download the groove agent update only when you have purchased the FULL Groove Agent (must be having a eLicenser), however I think the OP’er already has fixed his problem…

Just saying that groove agent and groove agent 2 are 2 separate products where the SE version comes standard with all cubase versions.

I have just bought the upgrade from Cubase LE 6 to Cubase Elements 8, just wonder what procedures I should take to upgrade, such as: should I just click the install.exe form the download, or I should need to uninstall the Cubase LE 6 to make a clean install. Thanks!

Just install it, it will install it in a new folder and keeps your previous version intact, they can be used both (not at the same time though :wink: )