Upgrade from Cubase LE to Pro 10

Im new to Cubase so i need some help. I have Cubase LE which was included with the Komplete Audio 6 interface that I bought recently. I want to know if I can upgrade from LE to pro 10 and how do i do that? And is the 50% off also for upgrades?

You can upgrade Cubase LE to Cubase Pro 10 - and you can upgrade in the 50% off sale so long as you act before the sale ends on 3 June.

Go into eLicenser Control Center and check you have a Cubase LE 10 licence showing. If so, go to the Cubase part of the Steinberg web site, and choose “Buy Cubase 10” from the drop down menu at the top of the screen. Choose “Cubase Pro 10”, “Updates & Upgrades”, then you want to select the upgrade from Cubase LE - which, on my screen, is the bottom option but this might change according to what country you are in.

When you “Add to cart” you will notice that the store has added a USB eLicenser - Cubase Pro 10 requires a ‘dongle’ to hold the licence. Stock on these USB eLicensers has been in short supply because of the popularity of the sale. You do not have to buy the eLicenser from the Steinberg online store - if you can buy a Steinberg USB eLicenser elsewhere (it must be one of those and not an iLok or any other dongle), feel free to buy the Cubase licence online and the USB eLicenser elsewhere.

The important thing is to buy your Cubase upgrade activation code before the sale ends - otherwise the price will double. You can activate the licence after the sale ends if necessary.

When you have a USB eLicenser, plug it in and go into eLicenser Control Center. You can then “Enter Activation Code” and enter the upgrade code you bought. If all goes OK your Cubase LE licence will be replaced by a Cubase Pro licence, which will be put on the USB eLicenser. Make sure you are registered for My Steinberg and you choose the option in the Registration option of eLicenser Control Center to register your eLicenser. If your licence shows in My Steinberg you are able to use the Zero Downtime service if your eLicenser is lost, stolen or stops working.

if i may comment here, wonder what happens if the user buys another cubase elements 10 license so that he can run it on the same machine without the dongle then would it work? n would the soft license stay intact or would it again get transfered to usb dongle automatically when the dongle is reconnected to the machine…hope i didn’t change the direction of this topic drastically

Licences do not move automatically when a USB eLicenser is connected - you have to drag and drop a licence manually in eLicenser Control Center to move it to a USB eLicenser. You can move licences freely to and between USB eLicensers. Moving a licence from a soft eLicenser to a USB eLicenser is a one way operation: you cannot move a licence from a USB eLicenser to a soft eLicenser.

If you want a Cubase Elements licence to have a DAW without your dongle, you need to activate Cubase Elements on your soft eLicenser. Arguably the best way is to disconnect your USB eLicenser when activating Cubase Elements so that you cannot accidentally activate Cubase Elements on the USB eLicenser. That said, if your USB eLicenser is connected when you attempt to activate a licence that can be activated on a soft eLicenser, you should get a dialog asking you which eLicenser you wish to activate the licence on.

I will highly recommend that you do upgrade. I used to work with LE but the full Pro 10 version is just SO much better. I should have upgraded much earlier :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

If you already own USB-eLicenser, I would strongly recommend to unplug it from the computer, you are going to activate Cubase Elements/LE/AI, just to be 100% sure, the license doesn’t end up on the USB-eLicenser (what it does by default unfortunately). It’s not possible to move the license back from a USB-eLicenser to a Soft-eLicenser.