Upgrade from Cubase Le8 to Cubase AL9 on two different PCs

Hi to everybody,
One year ago I bought and succesfully installed a soft-licence Cubase EL8 version on a 32-bit laptop.
Now, when I dowloaded the AL9 upgrade (soft licence), I discovered 9 versions don’t support 32-bit PCs.
So I bought a new 46-bit laptop and when I tried to install the upgrade on it, a message warned me that the e-licencer could not find a previous licence. Obvious: the old EL8 version licence is in the old computer.
In short: I cannot upgrade Cubase to AL9 on the old PC because it is a 32-bit system and I cannot install the AL9 upgrade on the new PC because there is EL8 licence on it.
What can I do?
Thanks in advance


You will first need to reactivate Cubase LE 8 on your 64-bit system. Regarding the reactivation process, please review the following support page:


Please note that in order to reactivate your license, your software needs to be registered in your MySteinberg account. If it is not, please register the soft eLicenser (found in the eLicenser Control Center) from your 32 bit PC in your MySteinberg account under “My Products”->“Register eLicenser”.

Thank you.

It worked!
Thank you very much Alexandra!

Glad you’re up and running :slight_smile: