Upgrade from Cubase Pro 9 to 11 (Can still use older version of cubase?)

Hi guys,

I am not sure if I am in the right place to ask this… but I really need professional advices from you guys.

Anyone has experiences on upgrading from Cubase Pro 9.0x to Pro 11?
I am on an old Mac OS Sierra (Ready to upgrade to High Sierra) using Cubase Pro 9.0x but I will need to work abroad so I bought a macbook pro (Intel chip, downgrade to Catalina), so no need to mess up my old setup.
My plans is to maintain my old Mac with Mac OS Sierra, with only Cubase 9 installed.
My new macbook with Cubase 11 under Catalina.

Question is since I saw that I was able to keep the App Cubase 8 while upgraded from Cubase 8 to 9, and I could still runt the Cubase 8 version under Cubase Pro 9 licenses on one same OS. So can I still be able to RUN Cubase Pro 9.0x on the Older Mac after I upgraded Licenses from Cubase Pro 9 to 11 ? Or Cubase 9 will be totally surrendered and Cubase 9 won’t be able to open anymore.

Don’t want to replace the healthy old Mac or buy a 2nd new Cubase Pro 11 just to be able to work between two locations. Thank you so much if anyone can give advices or hints, tips.

Hello! I’m on windows, but I think mac has a similar licensing system. The fact is that having the latest license you can always work in the program of the previous license, that is, having license 11, you can work in 9 completely calmly. Another question is, can installing version 11 damage 9? I don’t know how on a Mac, but in Windows I just zip the folder with the installed cube of the previous version, then install the last one and finally unzip the old version and use both if necessary.

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On Windows here also but, yes. Cubase versions install independently. I have versions all the way back to Cubase VST. As long as the Cubase version you want to work with is installed, you can use it under the latest license.

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Yes you can but you will need to run a licence database update from elicencer control on the older mac. Otherwise it wont recognize your cubase 11 licence on which 9 will run.
Dont update elicencer control on the older mac just the database. You can also copy the database from the new computer but I dont know where they are on a mac. On PC it is a folder called eLD.

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Sounds need a precise work on that. Thank you for the hints, I will look on that direction thank you!

Thank you for the reply, I actually not going to install the 11 on the same system or computer as the 9. Your concern about will 11 damage 9 is exactly what I worry most. well… seems windows is very different from the mac os…

Thanks for the clarification! I hope Mac will work same way too. Thank you

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