Upgrade from Cubase10 to Cubase 11 Pro - Some Kontact Library VST's missing

Hi, I upgraded to Cubase 11 because video features in Cubase 10 were dreadful. Upgrade fine but when pulling over VST’s throuigh VST Plug in manager…only some of Kontact Library is there (latest vst’s are not). The Kontact Library is listed as full when I go into the standalone Kontact library - but through Cubase, it is having difficulty updating. Now, Cinestrings, apparently is blacklisted because it is a 32 bit but LADD library not showing at all on blacklist.
Is this where jbridge download comes in…?

I’m just not clear when you upgrade and spend money on that upgrade, you lose features from previous versions. This seems really unfair.

Any support would be much appreciated

Hi @phil_Herbert .

This sounds like cubase 11 is having difficulty finding the correct kontakt VST instrument.

Cubase can only see kontakt and not the individual libraries within, so the issue is more likely in kontakt. I have Cinestrings and it isn’t listed in Cubase. What version of K are you using? 5 by any chance?

It might be possible that you have multiple versions of kontakt installed and cubase is only finding one that doesn’t have your libraries registered or one that is reverting to kontakt player.

Thanks. Seem to have everything matching up and being where it should be now.

Hi, had vst’s (the full Kontact library) for a month. Since Saturday, all have disappeared. Does Cubase do something on Saturday’s because this seems the fateful day for them to draw down and get rid of things! Now I’m left with no vst’s at all. Any help greatly appreciated. Oh and why ask for elicencer on Saturday when I have already licensed the product, i.e. Cubase 11 Pro.