Upgrade from Education 1.x to Elements

Estimada Comunidad de Dorico:

Un amigo adquirió en una tienda here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, una versión educacional de Dorico (1.x), en soporte físico (DVD-Rom) y desea actualizarla a Dorico Elements. ¿Es eso posible?
Lo pregunto en relación con el tiempo transcurrido desde aquella y por la próxima desactivación del e-Licenser.

Muchas gracias. Saludos a todos.


Dear Dorico Community:

A friend of mine purchased in a store here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an educational version of Dorico (1.x) on physical media (DVD-Rom) and wants to update it to Dorico Elements. Is that possible?
I ask in relation to the time that has passed since that version and the upcoming deactivation of the e-Licenser.

Thank you so much. Greetings to all.


No, there’s no upgrade path from Dorico Pro to Dorico Elements, because that’s a “downgrade” rather than an “upgrade”. Your friend can, however, update to Dorico Pro 5, buying the “big” upgrade here:


It might be a good idea to wait for a little while before buying the update, as users of Dorico 3.5 and earlier will have an opportunity to save on the update to Dorico 5 in the relatively near future. An email will be sent to qualifying customers, so please advise your friend that he should make sure his Dorico eLicenser license is registered in MySteinberg, and that he is signed up to receive marketing emails from us.


Thank you very much, Daniel! I will tell him.