Upgrade from Educational version to 11 pro

Hi,I have Cubasis 7.5 educational version,can I upgrade it to 11pro and how does in costs?

Do you mean Cubase or Cubasis?
When it comes to upgrades, educational versions of cubase are like regular versions. Just assume that you have Cubase 7.5

I have Cubase 7.5,it was “autcorecct” on my phone.So your mean i can upgrade my educational Cubase to Pro for same price,like older Pro to newest Pro version?
Thanks a lot

Go to the shop page and look for upgrade from your version (edu or not doesn´t matter) to the version you want to upgrade to.

afaik the only difference is you won’t be able to sell the edu version but everything else is the same

It is not longer an edu version after the upgrade. Apart from that edu versions do also have limitations in commercial use.

Thank everyone!